About Us


Central New York Ghost Hunters (“CNYGH”) was founded in 1997 by Stacey Jones. We are one of the largest and oldest groups in the State of New York. We are centrally located and our current members almost span the State — from Red Creek, New York all the way to Albany, New York.

Since the group’s inception, many organizations have popped up all over New York. While we work with a couple of these other groups, many of them we do not. Let me explain why.

Every person has their own belief system and that goes for paranormal research. Each group often has varying theories and investigative techniques. While CNYGH respects the differences and invites varying techniques, we have problems with people or groups that misrepresent their credentials. People can make any claims they want to, but it doesn’t make it true.

Let’s review the facts – then you decide what’s real and what isn’t:

  • There is NO accredited University or College in the United States that offers Parapsychology as a major: Many do research, but none offer it in a degree program. There are a few legitimate Parapsychologists out there (Loyd Auerbach for example). He was able to tailor a program with a University.

  • The paranormal is the unknown: No one person has the answers, even Parapsychologists. The theories floating around are conjecture and speculation.

  • People claiming to hold a Ph.D. in Parapsychology most likely bought their degrees from a degree mill: I personally have real problems with people who claim to hold such degrees but…

  • can’t spell Parapsychologist”, and

  • haven’t completed the hard work it takes to obtain a Ph.D.

  • Any person with a printer can deem another a “Ghost Hunter”, “Paranormal Researcher”, “EVP Specialist”, “Grief Counselor or any other title. The people who hold these credentials are fools and often part with their hard earned money so some self-proclaimed “expert” can certify them.  Don’t believe these claims. No one has the answers. NO ONE! That’s why it is the unknown.

  • We all seek answers to the unknown, but most of the evidence claiming to be paranormal in nature is poor. No one knows for certain that an “orb” or “ecto” or a “vortex” is anything paranormal in nature. It could be atmospheric, geological, dust, pollen, moisture, etc. These anomalies caught on film could have very logical explanations. Start using common sense and stop promoting ignorance.

  • Just because you hang out your shingle claiming you are a “Demonologist” doesn’t make you one. There are a few out there who can legitimately call themselves a demonologist, but they have had years of education, experience and contact with clergy and religious institutions. It is not a “calling”. You cannot read a pamphlet or book and proclaim yourself an expert. Get the education, experience and know how first. You wouldn’t claim yourself a Medical Doctor, if you didn’t earn it – would you?

  • Many groups out there promote and foster their beliefs on people wanting their help. Why would you do this? Every person must work within their own belief system. No religion is better than the other, because each person’s relationship with their God is theirs. I actually heard of one group who prompted a client to conduct rituals involving their children to rid their house of spirits. They never even meet with the people or visited the house. Again, it is the unknown – why would anyone promote their owns beliefs and then involve innocent children! BEWARE OF THESE SHYSTERS!

  • Many people complain that ghost hunting groups have rigid rules and protocols. Why wouldn’t you want that in a group? Do you really want a group that looks at a tree and screams that it’s a ghost? Do you want to see a grown woman look at a completely black picture and proclaim that it contains many ghosts? Do you want a group to post a picture of “orbs” while you see everyone in the picture standing there with umbrellas? Groups have been forced to compile rules and protocols because of frauds and scam artists who run around showing their ignorance.

Here are a couple of sites we invite you to look at.

For those of you still believing that someone with “credentials” is all knowing, visit the following website at:  Ghost Hunting Academy website

For those of you who think the dust rising from your rug is the spirit of your Aunt Matilda, please read the following:   About.com – Enough with the Orbs Already

So, there it is! Let’s get back to the reason we all started doing this, because we are searching for answers!