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Before you click the “Need Help” button OR before you decide to contact another group, please take a moment to read the following ……………….

There are things you should know and questions that need to be asked, before selecting an individual or a group to come into your home or establishment:

  • How long has this individual or group been investigating haunted locale?

  • How old are the people doing the investigations?

  • Are these groups or individuals charging a fee for their investigations?

  • Do they claim to have investigated an insane number of places?

  • Are their pictures and evidence “dubious”?

  • What are their “qualifications” and what does it say?

  • Do they have member profiles?

  • Do they share their viewpoints or theories?

  • Do they claim to be “experts”?

  • Do they help and support their community?

  • Are they going to be there for you in the long run?

  • Are they going to help you,  even if they seem ill equipped to handle your case?

  • Do they ask you to leave your own home or place of business in order for them to conduct their investigation?

  • Do they allow children to get involved in their investigations, in any way?

Honestly, we are very weary with most paranormal or ghost hunting groups.   In the past few years, many groups have popped up and declared themselves “Ghost Hunters.”  Their credentials seem to be that they have watched several episodes of reality-based ghost shows on television, and now declare themselves “experts” in the paranormal field.  Many of these groups are comprised of teens or individuals barely out of their teens; they seem to have no set standards or protocols in place; and they have a tendency to deem everything “PARANORMAL”.

Many of these groups charge you for investigations.  We do not – our group was founded by Stacey Jones 20 years ago to conduct research and to help people who felt that they had nowhere else to go.  Stacey has moved on to greener pastures (and warmer weather), but our group has continued to follow the same protocols and high standards.   Let’s be honest, how can anyone charge for an investigation of something that we are not even sure actually exists.

Do these individuals or groups claim to have been certified by “SOMEONE” as a “Paranormal Investigator,” “Ghost Hunter,” “EVP Specialist,” or “Grief Counselor”?  Do not buy into these fake credentials.  Sitting in on a class or two and getting a piece of paper claiming you have now earned some kind of a “title” is ludicrous.  There are even “FREE home study” courses you can take online (on the honor system) and then print off your very own certification.  No experience required!!!  The study of the Paranormal is the study of the unknown.  No one has “The Answers.”  So my question to you is, how can anyone be certified or hold a degree in the unknown?

You will never be told by our group that “we have all the answers” – NO ONE does.  Some groups will try to tell you that every orb is a ghost or at least in some way paranormal.  We believe that capturing convincing evidence happens, but is rare.  That’s where you will benefit from a group with many years of experience.

CNYGH is comprised of 20 plus members.  Many of our members hold at least a 4-year degree from a legitimate accredited University.  We DO NOT encourage our members to take any person’s or group’s “home study” course.  We learn from theory and legitimate research.

You may still have many questions.  If after reading the above you have decided you would like our help, click the “Need Help” button or send us an email.

We will always try to steer you in the right direction so that you get the help you need.

Happy H(a)unting!
Central New York Ghost Hunters


(PLEASE NOTE:  If you have emailed our group and do not receive a response within 2-7 days, please check your spam bucket.  More than likely, and unfortunately, you may find our response there)