Gina S


Role:  Regular Member

Why I Joined:
St Augustine is where my interest in the paranormal was peeked.  On a whim in 2012 my mother and I went to St Augustine simply to go on the Ghost and Gravestones tour.  Our first stop was the park across from the St Augustine Lighthouse.  We had already been told a few of the ghostly stories the old city had to offer.  It was when the guide began speaking of the tragedy of the lighthouse that my interest began to emerge.  There are swings in the park now but back in the day it was the site where three girls lost their lives suddenly in a mine cart.  Our tour guide had told us that we may see things in our pictures so snap away.  I took a picture of the swing the tour guide pointed out that had been witnessed moving on its own with no wind blowing.  Upon review of my picture I found three orbs under the very swing the tour guide pointed out.  She said that the most common “spirits” that showed up, showed up in the form of orbs.  I was very excited by this picture when I returned home from my vacation.  It was then that I began researching groups and watching Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.  I was even more exited to learn that there was a group that did the same types of investigations here in my own city.  Then saddened to learn that the group was done with classes for that year and I would have to wait until the next round of classes.  I continued to watch the shows debunk pictures of orbs.  While I now know that my picture may just be particles of dust or something on the lens, it remains important to me because it led me to a group that was just the right fit for me.