Role: Board Member
Location: Ithaca, NY

Why I Joined:
I’ve been interested in and studying about the paranormal since I was very young. I’ve had my own experiences with the paranormal throughout my life, none of which have made me absolutely sure of what’s out there, but I know something is. When I feel like someone is near, I’ve learned to accept that someone possibly may be.

I joined the group because I needed that connection to others who, like me, want to learn more about the paranormal. Each of us in the group represents the believers, the skeptics, and the not-so-sure people. We all have stories to tell and evidence of unexplained phenomena. As part of this group, I’ve learned about the importance of respecting the unknown and of being able to help others who may be experiencing things they can’t explain. I think it’s unlikely that any evidence I gather will ever “prove” anything, because there will always be those who doubt it, but if I can help one person to deal with or explain something that happened to them, then I know I’ve done a good thing.