Michael C


Role: Regular Member
Location: Syracuse, NY

Why I Joined:
I joined this group because I have had an interest in the paranormal since I was quite young. I have had many experiences. The first and most I have had were in the house where I grew up (still quite an active place to this day)! I seem to be lucky in that several of the houses I have rented have had paranormal activity. I think because the feelings I would get when first looking at the place, felt cool to me. I now know what that “feeling’ means.

I have had more notable experiences at Big Moose Lake (both Covewood Lodges and the Glenmoore Inn) and at Chittenango falls where I saw a full apparition of a young native American male in the middle of the afternoon. No one can convince me that paranormal activity is all in my head since I have witnessed events that other unrelated people have also seen. Some of my sightings happened where two to several people all experienced the same thing (without prior knowledge or coercion) All of these events happened while doing normal activity unrelated to paranormal research.