Ray M


Role: Regular Member
Location: Mexico, NY

Why I Joined:
When I was young, my family rented an old apartment that happened to be very haunted. Nothing malicious, but still a bit scary to a five year old! Every kid thinks that there is something hiding in their closet or under their bed, but in my case it seemed to be a real occurrence. (Enough that it would make my dog growl and his hair stand on end.)

Since then I’ve seen quite a few things that make you go “hmm”. Enough to believe in the old saying that “there is more in heaven and earth…” In spite of some of my experiences, I also tend to be somewhat of a skeptic in response to what we see portrayed in the media. The media is there to hype stuff up and contrary to popular belief, the real meaty stuff is extremely rare.

I joined up with this group in the hopes of doing some really interesting research into the paranormal. I have ideas and theories I’m hoping to work on, and maybe in the process further the science behind the paranormal. I like the concept and structure that is incorporated into the Central New York Ghost Hunters, especially when it comes to research and family welfare. This is about the most professional group I’ve seen, and that was the biggest factor that encouraged me to join them. I haven’t been disappointed yet!