Sean N


Role: Board Member
Location: Syracuse. NY

Why I Joined:
My Name is Sean and I have been fascinated with the Paranormal my whole life. My family and I lived in a haunted house in Syracuse for 5 1/2 years. I had been an amateur ghost hunter and started on my own, investigating a few cemeteries near my house. My mother gave me a membership with the CNY Ghost hunters for Christmas of 2003, and I have been with the group for 8 years and counting. some of the places I have been to include: EASTERN STATE PENITENTIARY, ROLLING HILLS ASYLUM, BEARDSLEE CASTLE, RED & WHITE CYBER CAFE, BOLDT CASTLE, TIBBETT’S POINT LIGHT HOUSE, LANDMARK THEATER, SMITH OPERA HOUSE, OTTAWA JAIL YOUTH HOSTEL, SHANLEY HOTEL, GETTYSBURG BATTLEFIELD, SACHS COVERED BRIDGE, CORTLAND COUNTY POORHOUSE, THE WAYSIDE INN, WAVERLY HILLS SANATORIUM, HILL VIEW MANOR, and recently the KNICKERBOCKER HOTEL.
Since first investigating the paranormal nine years ago, I have met some of the biggest names in ghost hunting: Stacey Jones, John Zaffis, Chip Coffey, Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Amy Bruni, Britt Griffith, the Klinge Brothers, Patty Wilson, Scott Conover, Mason Winfield, Chris Moon, Chris Fleming, Dave Schrader and The Constantinos. I’ve also worked with South Jersey Paranormal Researchers (SJPR), and the Paranormal Research Society of New England (PRSNE).

I really enjoy helping people with what they can’t explain. I get really neat EVP’s and sometimes I get some unexplained photos. I do believe that ghosts in fact exist, I have collected evidence that hopefully will help some people believe in them. I have been to over 200 haunted places and enjoy visiting more and revisiting the ones I have been to. I have been featured in a 6-part Series on WSTM called “Explaining the Unexplained”, “The Old Quarry and other haunted places in central New York”, “Food for Thought”, JERK Magazine, and the TV show on CW, “CNY Spirits”